From wood repairs to concrete repairs and most repairs in between… we have you covered.

Repairs are a fact of life. Nothing lasts forever, and the need arises from time to time to be resourceful and not spend lots of money to replace stuff. That’s where we come into play. No job too small or large and you might as well fix it right the first time around. Honestly, if our products can’t fix your stuff the first time, you probably can’t fix it.


Permanent Repair

Fix it and fogettaboutit

Fix Your Things the right way, the first time, and fogettaboutit. This is a lineup of our most reliable heavy duty repair products. The paste and gel epoxies provide the ultimate amount of strength, resilience and flexibility assuring a once-and-done repair or project application. If you want to waste your time and money on unproven and non-reliable products; we have a bridge we would like to show you, and it’s for sale! No job too big for these proven winners.


Emergency Repair

Just what the doctor ordered

When you have a problem that you need fixed as quickly as possible, our hand mouldable putty epoxies are just what the doc ordered. Easy to use, fast setting repair sticks. Cut off a piece, mix in your fingers and apply. From plumbing leaks to filling holes in a whole lot of things; these are your answer to get back up and running in a short time. If you need to get it done and still have time to enjoy your day, this is your Rx.


Wood Repair

Fix your wood! Save a tree.

Everyone has wood projects. It is expensive to replace rotted window sills, frames, railings and other wooden items; so why not restore and repair these things? We are the wood restoration experts and have products to make life so much easier when it comes to wood repairs. Rotted wood? No problem. From decorative to structural repairs, we can handle them with ease. Rebuild missing pieces of wood as well.


Chair Repair

A chair repair solution that actually works

Wonderlok’em® Tite Chairs® is now part of the PC Products family! It quickly fixes those wooden joint problems with just a few drops. Tite Chairs® does not swell the wood, but is actually a super powerful adhesive with almost 4000 psi of holding power. Tite Chairs® is not just for furniture; it works great on loose tool handles, staircase spindles and dovetail joints, as well as metal, rubber, glass and most ceramics.