PC-Metal - for replacing metal


PC-Metal™ Putty Epoxy replaces metal. Cures hard, fast, nonconductive. Contains metal – sticks to metals such as cast iron, zinc, aluminium, stainless steel, steel and copper.

Tite Chairs - to eliminate squeaks

Wonderlok’em® Tite Chairs®

Loose wooden joints that wobble, squeak or loosen over time? Tite Chairs® quickly fixes those wooden joint problems. Just apply a few drops of Tite Chairs® into the loose joint.

PC-Plumbing - for stopping leaks


PC-Plumbing™ Epoxy Putty is for pipes, stopping leaks in less than 60 minutes. NSF® approved for plumbing repairs and for contact with potable water supply pipes.

PC-Clear - for invisible repairs

PC-Clear™ Epoxy

PC-Clear™ is a clear liquid epoxy with strength rivalling that of heavy duty paste epoxies. It has flexibility, is shatter resistant and a one hour cure time.