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A putty epoxy that replaces metal

  • PC-Metal putty epoxy - for replacing metal

PC-Metal™ Putty Epoxy replaces metal.

Mix with fingers and apply. Quickly PC-Metal™ cures to reattach metal (30 min). Cures hard, fast, nonconductive. Contains metal – sticks to metals such as cast iron, zinc, aluminum, stainless steel, steel and copper.



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Properties & Uses

Product properties:
  • NSF rated
  • hand-mouldable
  • quick-setting
  • no drip or sag, even on overhead work
  • waterproof
  • sandable and paintable
Use on:

Metal, fibreglass, gas tanks, metal drums, radiators, metal & steel doors, tools, pipes, wood, brick, marble and more.

Example projects:
  • Fill abandoned drill holes in aluminum or steel.
  • Seal stainless steel electrical panel.
  • Stop leaking drum.


2 oz: 2.5 cubic inches
4 oz: 5 cubic inches



Prepare your surface as best you can to ensure the best possible bond with PC-Metal™. Cutting oils and greases will affect adhesion. Remove contaminants such as dust, dirt, oil and grime with a solvent such as methylated spirit, acetone, rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) or lacquer thinner. Mild detergent solution in water is also good for removing contaminants. Do not use white spirit or paint thinner for removing contaminants.
Remove rust and loose paint with sandpaper or wire brush. Epoxy typically sticks to most paints. If there’s a concern of the paint’s adhesion then remove it with sandpaper or wire brush.
Smooth, glossy and shiny surfaces should be roughened using sandpaper to increase adhesion.



PC-Metal™ is very fast curing so only mix as much product as you think you can apply in this time. You will be able to apply more to continue filling across an area, PC-Metal™ sticks to PC-Metal™. It can be applied thick or thin, it cures from within via a chemical reaction.

PC-Metal™ has a consistency similar to Plasticine.

PC-Metal™ should be mixed by hand and we recommend wearing disposable gloves to minimise contact with skin.

Using a knife, slice the required amount of epoxy from the stick. Press and roll the putty with your fingers until the colour is uniform. Due to the fast cure time it is best to mix small amounts, for no more than 45-60 seconds, then applying immediately. Mixing for too long may affect adhesion if the work-time is near completion.

Unmixed epoxy can be stored in its tube for use another time. Store in a cool location.



To clean any tools or mixing surfaces use methylated spirit, acetone, rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) or lacquer thinner to clean tools and mixing surfaces before PC-Metal™ cures.

Clean hands and skin with soap and water.

Cured epoxy can be removed by applying paint remover or paint stripper to soften the epoxy surface. Scratch off the softened epoxy. Repeat as needed.



After PC-Metal™ has fully cured it can be sanded, drilled, cut and painted. Within 3-5 minutes PC-Metal™ will be very hard, reaching full hardness in 60 minutes.

Tapping threads in PC-Metal™ is not advised. It is better to set the bolt or threads in the mixed PC-Metal™. Coat the threaded screw or bolt with release agent if it needs to be removed.

We recommend applying a stain-sealing primer/sealer to the repair before painting.


Need more help?

If you’re not sure whether PC-Metal™ is right for your repair project then please get in touch with us and we’ll do our best to help.

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