Permanent Repair

PC-AutoBond™ Epoxy

A fast curing, strong and flexible cold weld epoxy

  • PC-Auto Bond epoxy - for cold welding

PC-AutoBond™ is a fast curing, strong and flexible cold weld Epoxy formulation.

Product can be applied using a mixing nozzle or mixing stick. PC-AutoBond™ is an extremely flexible epoxy with exceptional tensile adhesion and peel strength to a wide variety of substrates. In just a few minutes PC-AutoBond™ forms a tough bond without the need for clamping. Product exhibits superior shatter, impact or vibration stability and resistance.

Added flexibility creates high strength, permanent bond.

CURE TIME: 1 HOUR (12-24 hours for full cure)

Properties & Uses

Product properties:
  • metallic grey colour
  • quick-setting
  • no drip or sag
  • waterproof
  • sandable and paintable
Use on:

All metals, rubber, fibreglass, fabrics, concrete, glass, some plastics and more.

YES to PVC, polycarbonate, acrylic and ABS.
NO to polyethylene or polypropylene.

Example projects:
  • Attach foam rubber door seal.
  • Use static mix nozzle to seal wires through holes in machine walls.
  • Attach metal plaques to stainless steel.
  • Seal cracks in plate metal.


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Prepare your surface as best you can to ensure the best possible bond with PC-AutoBond™. Remove contaminants such as dust, dirt, oil and grime with a solvent such as methylated spirit, acetone, rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) or lacquer thinner. Mild detergent solution in water is also good for removing contaminants.

Use a clean paper towel or rag for wiping. Do not use white spirit or paint thinner for removing contaminants.

Remove rust and loose paint with sandpaper or wire brush. Epoxy typically sticks to most paints. If there’s a concern of the paint’s adhesion then remove it with sandpaper or wire brush.

Smooth, glossy and shiny surfaces should be roughened using sandpaper to increase adhesion.



PC-AutoBond™ has a work time of 8 minutes so only mix as much product as you think you can apply in this time. You will be able to apply more to continue filling across an area, PC-AutoBond™ sticks to PC-AutoBond™.

PC-AutoBond™ is a non-drip paste.

PC-AutoBond™ is supplied with a mixing nozzle. Simply attached and dispense.

To mix manually, you can use the supplied mixing stick. You’ll probably a piece of scrap wood, cardboard or similar to mix on. The syringe will dispense equal amounts of both parts and you simply need to mix them together until the epoxy is a uniform colour.

The syringe lid can be replaced after use to save the remainder for future repairs. If it lost you can use aluminium foil. Store in a cool location.



After using PC- AutoBond™ clean up using methylated spirit, acetone, rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) or lacquer thinner to clean tools and mixing surfaces before PC- AutoBond™ cures.

Clean hands and skin with soap and water.

Cured epoxy can be removed by applying paint remover or paint stripper to soften the epoxy surface. Scratch off the softened epoxy. Repeat as needed.



After PC- AutoBond™ has cured it can be sanded and painted. We recommend allowing 1 hour to cure at 20°c (longer at cooler temperatures). PC- AutoBond™ will be reach functional strength in 30 minutes and should reach full hardness in 12-24 hours.

We recommend applying a stain-sealing primer/sealer to the repair before painting.


Need more help?

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